✨Checkout Form (Pro)

Standing out by offering 30+ global payment options on a single, easily configurable, and nice-look checkout form with flexible layouts, multiple themes.

A professional plan is required

Simplest configuration

Compared with other woocommerce payment plugin, every payment method needs one configuration setting, if your site is global, which means you may set up a dozen of method settings.

With our plugin, we make all kinds of configurations into one.

Enable in WooCommerce

Goto Woocommerce -> Settings -> Payments, find Stripe Checkout Form, and enable it.

Or, you can click the redirect button from our plugin -> payment methods, find the checkout form card, and then click the setup button.


In the settings page, we support the below fields to customize the payment method in woocommerce checkout page.

  • Title: The current payment method title in checkout page.

  • Icon: The current payment method icon, we will use a default one if nothing else is provided.

  • Description: This description will be shown in the payment method content.

  • Payment methods: By default, the stripe checkout page will list all available payment methods in which your stripe account is activated. If you want only to allow some of them, you can choose them here.

  • Payment Methods Order: Customize the default payment method order. Unspecified methods display after defined ones (e.g. Card & Google Pay means Card first, then Google Pay and others).


Customize the Payment Element’s layout to fit your checkout flow: Three layouts supported so far: Tabs, Accordion with radio buttons, Accordion without radio buttons


Three themes supported so far: Stripe, Night, Flat

Google & Apple Pay

There are two options to enable digital wallet support for Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Microsoft Pay in our plugin:

Append Google & Apply pay

This option adds the digital wallets to the existing payment method list on the checkout form. The wallets will display in the order defined in the Payment Methods settings. Customers still need to enter billing and shipping information using this method.

Express Checkout Button (Recommend)

The express checkout button provides a streamlined one-click checkout experience. This button appears prominently at the top of the checkout page. Customers can check out using a digital wallet without typing any additional information.

We recommend enabling the Express Checkout integration for the simplest, most seamless customer experience. The two options can also work together - Express Checkout to allow easy one-click payments, plus the payment method integration as a backup if customers prefer to enter billing/shipping details. Please reach out if you need any assistance setting up and configuring digital wallet support.

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