🏛️Auto-Tax Calculation

Leverage Stripe Tax Calculation for WooCommerce Checkout (Only Stripe Hosted Checkout).

If you're tired of using the WooCommerce Tax plugin, we offer a simple and reliable solution to automate sales tax, VAT, and GST calculations for all your transactions by leveraging Stripe Tax Calculation.

Currently, only The Checkout Redirection is supported.

Stripe Tax Setting

to getting started, You need to configure your Stripe Tax setting in the Dashboard.

  1. Confirm your origin address. Review and confirm that your details are correct.

  2. Select a preset tax code. We use it to apply the correct tax rate.

  3. Select whether prices include tax to have a tax behavior on every price for products. (Included or Excluded)

  4. Add tax registrations. Add an active tax registration when you’ve exceeded a tax threshold.

Enable Stripe Tax In Checkout

Once the preset tax is done in the Stripe Dashboard, you need to enable auto-tax calculation in our plugin's Checkout Redirection settings on your site. Navigate to Woo Stripe Pay -> Payment Methods -> Checkout Redirect -> Setup:

However, this setting will conflict with the WooCommerce Tax plugin. If WooCommerce Tax is enabled, our plugin will skip using the Stripe Auto Tax feature during checkout to avoid any conflicts.

Therefore, please ensure that the WooCommerce Tax is disabled. To do so, navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> General:

Override Product tax code

You can also override the preset tax code if you have different product types that require different tax rates or calculations.

For instance, if your default tax code is set to "General - Electronically Supplied Services" in the Stripe Dashboard, but you have a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that needs to use the "txcd_10103001" tax code, you can specify this by adding a "tax_code" key in the WooCommerce product attributes with the value "txcd_10103001".

To view all available tax codes and their descriptions, please refer to the Stripe documentation at https://docs.stripe.com/tax/tax-codes.


Once we've completed the above settings, we can observe how it works on the Stripe-hosted checkout page with taxes. By selecting different countries during the checkout process, you'll be able to see the difference in the total price (if the tax behavior is set to exclude taxes from the product prices).

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